Hello Fellow Chefs and Foodies!

Hello and welcome to madeinmykitchen.com, the cooking blog that covers anything and everything having to do with food.  We’re not only gonna talk about the wonderful (and sometimes not so wonderful) dishes that I prepare in my very own kitchen, but we’ll also talk about recipes, product reviews, celebrity chefs, kitchen gadgets, reality cooking shows on tv, and more.  We’re not afraid to get into the mainstream and nostalgic stuff, but also the sometimes controversial (think beans in your Texas chili – oh the humanity!).

I am FlavorFool, your host during your many visits to this blog.  I am not a professional chef.  I'm just a home cook who just enjoys cooking whenever I get the chance and can appreciate good food and flavors…then again, who doesn’t?

You’re welcome to come and go as you please and comments and questions are more than welcome.  Follow me on Twitter: @FlavorFool. We hope that you enjoy your time with us!


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